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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Flex Developers in India Enjoy Elegant Flex Framework for Creating Applications

Flex developer in India works for Flex application development company that understands that Flex is a qualitatively higher free and open source technology. This is a technology that is used to build stunning mobile, web and desktop applications sharing just a common code base and saving both time and cost of creating applications and maintenance. Compared to other technologies, Flex is a new technology which offers many benefits to Flex developers. In 2004, Macromedia floated a technology which included a Software Development Kit (SDK), an Integrated development environment (IDE) and a Java EE integration application collaboratively known as Flex data services. However, in 2005, Adobe took over Macromedia eliminating the need to acquire a license for Flex data services which has eventually become a separate product rebranded as LiveCycle Data Services. Moving yet further, in 2007, Adobe introduced an alternative of LiveCycle Data Services called BlazeDs which is an open-source project that started with code. It is true that Flex application development can be built using standard IDE as in February 2008, the company released Flex 3 SDK under the open source Mozilla Public License.

India Flex developer uses the free Flex SDK, Adobe® Flash® Builder™ software which fastens the entire process of Flex development through features like intelligent code editing, step-through debugging, memory and performance profilers, and visual design. Flex developers choose offering solutions based on this technology for network, communication and other interactive solutions. It is also used for business systems, statistics management applications, video and audio messaging solutions, classical text messaging solutions, CRM and ERP systems and standalone custom solutions. This is a technology which is beneficial for both users and developers. Following are some of the benefits that it gives:

  • It provides many tools and extensive visual component library that saves time and energy
  • Flex developer in India can leverage the inherent high-performance data synchronization engine between the client and server sides and therefore integration into a server becomes easier
  • It allows to come up with multi media applications such as video, audio, streaming and messaging components and therefore it is possible to achieve in-context interactivity
  • Flex is a flexible technology and therefore applications based on this technology are easily re-designed or improved upon.
  • The powerful and elegant programming model offers scalable and reliable solutions

Comparing page-based HTML applications with Flex, it is possible for Flex developer in India to provide static client where developers do not require to load the new page to make changes. In HTML, one needs to load the new page. The Flex SDK comes with a set of user interface components including buttons, list boxes, trees, data grids, several text controls, and various layout containers. Charts and graphs are available as an add-on. Other features like web services, drag and drop, modal dialogs, animation effects, application states, form validation, and other interactions round out the application framework.

It is these features and framework that makes Flex a favorite technology with Flex developers and Flex application development company.

Flex Developer in India Leverages Elegant Flex Structure to build applications


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